Emperor Scorpion- The World's Largest Scorpion

Emperor Scorpion- The World’s Largest Scorpion. Are they on the brink of extinction?

What is an emperor scorpion?

Is the emperor scorpion really the world’s largest scorpion? Read along to know more.

Emperor Scorpion- The World's Largest Scorpion

Emperor scorpions or Pandinus Imperators are the largest scorpions in the world. Emperor scorpions range from dark blue to black in color.

They are also called Black emperor scorpions owing to its color. As well as, African emperor scorpions because of its origin.

Offsprings of emperor scorpions are scorplings. Isn’t that interesting? They are almost transparent when they are born.

Small emperor scorpions are born in the chorion, a white membrane that surrounds them.

Emperor scorpions are terrestrial in nature. Emperor scorpions have pinchers or claws that are reddish-brown. This is the unique feature that makes them stand out.

Emperor Scorpion as Pets:

Do you want to own an exotic pet?

Here are a few pointers if you are considering owning an emperor scorpion. They do not occupy too much space. Glass terrariums can be the best housing option for them.

Maintaining the temperature inside the tank is crucial. The humidity in the tank should be optimal. Emperor scorpions are native to tropical rainforests and thrive in warm weather.

Orchid barks, moist coconut husks are suitable for them. This is to try and replicate forest-like bedding for emperor scorpions. Emperor scorpions love to hide.

The tank should have small places for them to hide, like caves or hollow barks. Emperor scorpions hide and burrow themselves to feel safe. Hence, these places must be compact.

Crickets and mealworms can be staples for your pet emperor scorpion. Although, these scorpions are venomous. It is advisable to only view them in their tank, rather than petting them. Emperor scorpions are nocturnal. They eat only at night.

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But, emperor scorpions are in the second appendix of CITES. That is the convention of international trade in endangered species.

There will be special permissions to house the world’s largest scorpion.

Emperor Scorpion- The World's Largest Scorpion

Emperor Scorpion Facts:

  1. Did you know, emperor scorpions have 8 eyes? Yet, they have poor eyesight.
  2. Emperor scorpions are the world’s largest scorpions. But they are not the longest scorpions.
  3. Have you tried fasting but failed? They can go up to a year- A YEAR, without eating to slow down their metabolism.
  4. A scorpling rests on its mothers back for up to 50 days after being born.
  5. The pectines have several uses for emperor scorpions. Male emperor scorpions use pectines to find potential mates. Males often have larger pectines. Newborn Scorplings use it to recognize their mother.
  6. Emperor scorpions have a fascinating mating ritual. The first grasp each other using their pincers. The emperor scorpions then move sideways and backward, like a waltz. The female emperor scorpion kills her mate if she is not impressed. In certain cases, the emperor scorpion kills and eats the mate too.
  7. The waltz that emperor scorpions do, is a promenade à deux. It can translate into a walk for two.
  8. Emperor scorpions glow in the dark! Yes, like those glow in the dark stickers. Emperor scorpions reflect Ultraviolet rays. They take a bluish-green color under blacklight.
  9. Emperor scorpions are viviparous. This means that they are born as tiny scorplings. As many as 30 scorplings are born to at once. They do not evolve or break out of an egg.
  10. Emperor Scorpions can turn cannibalistic in case there is a lack of food.
  11. A study also suggests that the emperor scorpion’s venom has anti-malarial properties.

Emperor Scorpion Size:

Emperor scorpions are almost 8inches long. The average lifespan of an emperor scorpion ranges from 5 to 8 years. Emperor scorpions have two huge claws called pincers or pedipalps in the front.

They have a long tail, also known as metasoma that ends with a stinger. Emperor scorpions have eight legs.

Emperor Scorpion- The World's Largest Scorpion

Emperor scorpions have special sensory structures called pectines on their limbs.

They are tiny bush-like hairs that aid emperor scorpions. This helps emperor scorpions detect their prey. These sensory structures help emperor scorpions to navigate in the dark.

Emperor scorpions breed throughout the year. The gestation period of a scorpion lasts up to 9 months on average. But it can last up to 18 months, making it twice the gestation period of humans and whales.

Is Emperor Scorpion Venom harmful:

Adult emperor scorpions do not inject venom in defense. The emperor scorpion’s venom is not lethal to adults.

Emperor scorpions tend to sting when they are in danger. But, many a time, when threatened emperor scorpions run away.

Emperor scorpions stings are lethal to other insects.

Emperor Scorpion Molting:

We know that a butterfly goes through a metamorphosis. Emperor scorpions, but, do not evolve in a way that they are able to. Instead, they tend to shed layers of their skin, known as molting, soon after they are born.

Indications of molting include hiding and loss of appetite. Emperor scorpions are shedding their exoskeletons while molting. Humans have an internal skeleton. But for emperor scorpions, molting means regenerating their exoskeleton.

Emperor scorpions molt upright. Emperor scorpions mature when they are four months old.

Molting does not occur after emperor scorpions have matured. On average, emperor scorpions molt between five to nine times.

All about Emperor Scorpion Habitat:

Emperor scorpions are native to Africa. They live in the savannahs and tropical forests. They hide under rocks and burros. Emperor scorpions live in groups. Emperor scorpions enjoy life away from the limelight.

They live in forest debris, leaf litter, and stream banks. Emperor scorpions can also adapt to different environments when kept as a pet. Emperor scorpions are communal.

Up to 15 emperor scorpions can live together in a burrow.

Emperor Scorpion Diet:

Termites are a delicacy for emperor scorpions. Yes, emperor scorpions are carnivores.

They feed on crickets, insects, and fruit flies. Many a time, emperor scorpions also feed on lizards and mice. Emperor scorpions make use of their pincers to attack and defeat their opponents.

Emperor scorpions have small mouths, enough to help them digest liquid. They use their pincers to kill their prey and mash them up enough to digest their enzymes.

Think of it as a liquid diet. Emperor scorpions have pinchers that are as sharp as a needle.

So this was all about Emperor Scorpion. Any doubts? Let us know via comments!

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