Tamarin monkey Diet, Fun Facts

Tamarin Monkey – All you need to know about these!

Pets such as tamarin monkeys often look adorable with their big eyes and soft furs when you glance at them while they are still babies and it is mandatory to know your facts before getting involved with these primates.

Tamarin monkey Diet, Fun Facts

Many kinds of exotic animals are often preferred by people in order to keep as pets which is very different from earlier times for the same scenario. These kinds of pets are often purchased so as to save them from being extinct as most in the list are already marked as endangered due to certain factors that have relevantly lead to the loss of their life.

Hence it is important to go through all kinds of details and do thorough research before deciding on your pet of choice as you have to manually put in equal amounts effort and hard work that goes into maintaining such pets.

Tamarin Monkey Facts

Below given are some facts which should be kept note off before getting acquainted with such tamarin monkeys:

  • They are mostly squirrel-sized creatures with about 13-30 cm in length.
  • They are from the family of Callitrichidae in the genus Saguinus.
  • They are often found in different appearances such as completely black, the mixture of black, brown, and white.
  • They normally weigh from about 220 to 900 grams and is different from other marmosets due to their lower teeth structure difference.
  • Their tail length varies from 9.8-17.3 inch I length.

Tamarin Monkey 

As they are bound to be only found in certain areas hence making it hard for their availability, making them one of the world’s most 

Tamarin monkey Diet, Fun Facts and Pet Care tips

endangered mammal. They are also collectively known as golden rumped lion tamarin by the name and can be found specifically in the Amazon basin.

In east Peru and other regions of Bolivia as well. It is also found to have a mustache that is white in color and extends to both sides beyond its shoulders in length.

 Most of them like to spend most of their days roaming around in trees and higher altitudes as they are diurnal by nature. These creatures often dislike to spend their time alone and are often found to be together in groups of between 2 to 8 individuals.

There are very relevant and authentic sources that need to be contacted in order to make avail of these creatures since they are very rare in nature.

Tamarin Monkey Habitat

These tamarin monkeys often hang out in tropical rainforests and in forest areas with open spaces as they then have the opportunity to make use of their diurnal and arboreal capabilities to jump quickly among the vast space available.

They often spend their days in trees and are always very careful in watching their surroundings for any kind of predator attacks which could be aerial as well as terrestrial.

Compared to their size difference between other primates they are often preferred by predators such as birds, snakes, and mammals since they are easy to snatch as they are small.

As they often tend to spend their lives in groups rather than spending it alone, these groups often consist of more than 40 members which could be of a different family of species sticking together as one in order to enjoy each other’s company and also for better survival.

Tamarin Monkey lifespan

The life span of tamarin monkeys varies from 16-18 years on average while they are being kept in captivity and even lesser while they are left in the wild on their own.


Since these small monkeys are very attached to their habitat and can only survive well if they are being comfortably accommodated there, a large number of habitat destruction such as wildfires in forests and erasing forests for industrial use has forced them out of their homes.

Other reasons for extinction involve them being snatched by predators for food while they reside in wild areas and other open areas of forests which makes it easier for the predators to spot them from a distance.

Hence prompt measures are being taken for all categories of this species in order to make sure to maintain a healthy population number inside the family.

Tamarin monkey Diet

Most of these creatures prefer to feed on most plant matter as their main source of food for survival and can also be found to be eating fruit, tree sap, insects, and other small vertebrates at times. Due to the availability of these diets, they collectively adjust their tastes to whichever food is easily available to them.

You can also feed them with good amounts of insects such as locusts, beetles, butterflies, spiders, and ants to keep their diet healthy and of variety. They are primarily omnivores whose main diet consists of fruits, insects as such and also sap from trees.

At times they also enjoy consuming bird eggs as they are in high altitudes and can easily snatch eggs from the bird nests without any further hardship.

Being lightly weighted also helps them to reach food kept even at the far end of the branches which are collectively off-limits for heavy weighing animals.

Tamarin monkey cost

Sometimes the pet owners who are very keen enthusiasts of grabbing a pet monkey for their company would have to put definite time and effort into searching for sources who can help them with good information regarding the sale of such monkeys.

There are also certain private breeders who maintain these animals so as to provide them to genuine customers in search of them.

Most of these animals cost range vary from around $1500- to until $6000 and above for certain breed of monkeys depending upon certain factors to be looked on before purchase.

If the monkey that you are searching for is very rare and is only available with certain breeders or facilities the prices may even rise high above in order for you to get your hands on the pet that you truly want.

Tamarin monkey baby

The tamarin monkeys often are found to be gestation periods for about 140 days on average and often give birth to twins.

The babies are then brought near their mother by the other mature male monkeys so as for the mother to nurse the infant monkey and the family group collectively helps in the process as well.

The young monkeys are given solid food after a span of one month and fully matures after a time of about 2 years by the maximum. The other adults of the group also put in the effort and help in getting food for the baby as well as its mother until it reaches maturity.

All across the world, there has been a wide increase in the number of people wanted to adopt monkeys as pets due to their common nature and their clingy behaviors.

It is also mandatory to be noted that as sweet and adorable as they seem when they are young, once they reach sexual maturity they often tend to be aggressive and proper care and attention should be given to them from the early stages in order to maintain a healthy pet for you and your family all together.

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So this was all about Tamarin Monkey. If you have any queries, feel free to comment below.

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