• Sugar Gliders pets


    Sugar Gliders as Pets considering Lifespan, Facts, Care and Diet

    You’ve seen pictures of adorable sugar gliders on the Internet or on television. Are you wondering where you could get one of these cuties? Well, before you decide to bring one home, here’s some valuable information about sugar gliders. What Are Sugar Gliders? Sugar gliders, also known as Sugar Bears or Sugar Monkeys, are nocturnal, omnivorous […]

  • Kinkajou as pets


    Things to consider before taking Kinkajou as Pet!

    Kinkajous (Potos flavus) are members of the Procyonidae family, whose natural habitat is the tropical forests of South and Central America. Unlike some of their other relatives, kinkajous have long tails, which can curl around branches in much the same way as a hand can. Their closest relatives are: Red pandas Olingos Civets Cacomistles Raccoons […]

  • Black tailed Prairie Dogs


    What are Black Tailed Prairie Dogs?

    Black-tailed prairie dogs (genus Cynomys) are also known as Arizona black-tailed prairie dogs. However, though their name has ‘dog’ in it, they aren’t canines. Instead, they are rodents and belong to the family Sciuridae. They are found in the Great Plains of North America from about the United States-Canada border to the USA-Mexico border. They […]

  • baby fennec fox


    Fennec Fox as Pets? Things to know before taking them as pets!

    Scientific name: Vulpes zerda Conservation status: Least Concern (Encyclopedia of Life) Height: 20 cm (Adult) Trophic level: Omnivorous Encyclopedia of Life Mass: 0.68 – 1.6 kg (Adult) If you are looking for a small, otherworldly exotic pet, a Fennec fox might be the right match for you. Overly large ears, sandy fur, and expressive dark […]

  • Tiffany Chantilly Cat

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    Chantilly Tiffany Cat (Black): Things to know About Chantilly Cats

    Name‎: ‎Chantilly-Tiffany Scientific name: Felis catus Origin: North America Higher classification: Cat Rank: Breed Coat‎: ‎Long Silky Soft Kitten Price‎: ‎Average $400 – $600 USD Size‎: ‎Medium Although not a Burmese, the Chantilly cat is often confused with the semi-long haired Burmese cat. The Chantilly cat is a cross-breed of chocolate-coloured cats whose origin is […]

  • cute flying squirrel


    Things to Consider before adopting a Flying Squirrel As Pet!

    Here’s all the information about Flying Squirrel as pets you need right from its core description, adoption, care , habitat and so on. First Things First! What is a Flying Squirrel? What would you have if you mated a squirrel and a bird? A Flying Squirrel! Just Kidding! This isn’t true. Flying Squirrels are scientifically […]

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    Baby Spider Monkey Facts, Pictures and Diet

    Baby spider monkey is a type of exotic animal which is close cousin to the woolly spider monkeys and are found in the tropical forests that stretch from southern Mexico to Brazil. They generally avoid the further southern regions of South America because the terrain is treacherous and mountainous. They are mostly considered as indicator […]