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  • Emperor Scorpion- The World’s Largest Scorpion. Are they on the brink of extinction?

    Emperor Scorpion- The World’s Largest Scorpion. Are they on the brink of extinction?

    What is an emperor scorpion? Is the emperor scorpion really the world’s largest scorpion? Read along to know more. Emperor scorpions or Pandinus Imperators are the largest scorpions in the world. Emperor scorpions range from dark blue to black in color. They are also called Black emperor scorpions owing to its color. As well as, […]

  • Baby Spider Monkey Facts, Pictures and Diet

    Baby spider monkey is a type of exotic animal which is close cousin to the woolly spider monkeys and are found in the tropical forests that stretch from southern Mexico to Brazil. They generally avoid the further southern regions of South America because the terrain is treacherous and mountainous. They are mostly considered as indicator […]

  • 4 Reasons Why Exotic Pets can be dangerous?

    Why Exotic Pets can be dangerous to human life and society? This question solely depends on your exotic pet as not all exotic animals can be kept as pets! There are laws for every exotic animal defined by Exotic Pet Trade Regulations. If you found a good looking exotic pet which you can legally own, that’s […]

  • Buying an Exotic Animal: 7 Things to Consider Now!

    If you’ve ever traveled various cities in different parts of the world like Toronto, Las Vegas, or any many major metro city, you have most likely bumped into people with vivid colorful hair, walked by someone talking aloud to themselves or stumbled across a citizen dressed as a character straight out of Game Of Thrones. […]

  • 9 Cool Pets to Own Safely in 2019

    Some people prefer pets like dogs, cats, and parrots with long history as agreeable pets. But, there are other adventure lovers who prefer unusual and cool pets to own. Despite the possible danger, they prefer unique exotic pets. You know: the unusual over usual, the weird over standard, the atypical over typical. You get the point, right? […]

  • Exotic Pets: All You Need to Know about these Animals

    Across the world, the number of people that have exotic pets living in and around their house is far high than we ever expected to be. It’s believed that in America, compared to zoos, American people have more exotic animals in their homes. Do you have any Exotic animals nearby? The exotic pet business is […]