Want to have Pygmy Marmoset as Pet? Check this!

pygmy marmoset as petWant to have Pygmy marmoset as Pet?
Below are some key points you should know!

Pygmy Marmoset are primates that are sometimes referred to as the smallest monkeys in the world. Even though they are cute looking animals, many people do not like to keep them as pets because they are very smelly.

However, some people still keep them as pets. The adult monkeys are very unpredictable and are difficult to take care of since they require a lot of time and training. They become aggressive as they grow older it becomes difficult to tolerate them.

Things to know before having pygmy marmoset as pet:

The Cost of Maintaining a Pygmy Marmoset:

The pygmy marmosets are very expensive to maintain. One needs a large capital outlay to provide them with the necessary environment for habitation. The financial costs involved include building and maintaining a suitable enclosure for them. pygmy marmoset as pet

This enclosure should have adequate space and a 24-hour heating system.

Other expenses include a food bill and specialist veterinary bills. The marmosets also need a lot of attention in terms of monitoring that involves a lot of food preparation, training and cleaning of their habitations.

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Pygmy Marmoset Behaviour:

These small monkeys cannot be kept alone and need the company of others to develop. They are clever and highly inquisitive animals that get bored quickly. They regularly need new challenges, activities, and objects that they can be able to experiment with.pygmy marmoset as pet

Marmosets should never be allowed to breed and one should always consult a vet in case contraception is required. This is because their population as pets is very high. An infant marmoset needs parental care and should not be hand reared because it’s hard to make it tame.

They must also be housed with other marmosets because human interaction is not sufficient enough for their socialization requirements. They are supposed to be housed with a species-typical group which requires regular management.

They will usually fight when they are housed as the same group. This behavior is instinctive and they will always do so even when they are in their natural habitat.

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This small monkey measures about 6 inches in length excluding its tail which measures about 8 inches. It weighs just over 100 grams. Its fur is a combination of colors including black, gray and golden brown which cover the most part of its back and head.

Its tail has black rings on it and its face has white flecks on the cheeks which include a white vertical line between its eyes.

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Pygmy Marmoset’s Diet:

This primate’s diet consists of resin, tree gum, latex sap etc. It is fond of making holes on the bark of sap producing trees and plants using their teeth that are specifically designed for that purpose. After poking holes on trees they use their tongue to lick the sap from the trees. They also feed on other insects which include butterflies, spiders, grasshoppers and many others. They also feed on nectar and fruits.pygmy marmoset as pet

As a pet, the pygmy marmoset should be provided with a diet that is rich in Vitamin C and D3. Apart from canned biscuits that are usually found in the market, fruits like bananas and grapes should also be made available to the pet pygmy marmoset.

The other types of food that can be provided to the marmoset include vegetables, pasta, eggs, meat fish, cereals, small insects and rice.

Housing Needed:

The pygmy marmoset requires a large cage with many swings, tunnels, towels and plenty of plants to create a wild environment.

They also require plenty of sunlight and therefore pygmy marmoset as petspecial arrangements should be made to make sunlight available to them. In case there is insufficient sunlight, it is advisable to use an infrared lamp or a heating source like a 250-watt bulb.

The marmoset’s pygmy’s urine smells bad and therefore the cage should be regularly cleaned to rid it of smells. These foods must be given on a rotational basis because they easily get bored with their food. They also like feeding on sweet foods like cakes, ice creams, and jelly.

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Diseases Caused:

Pygmy marmosets are highly susceptible to catching a cold. They are animals which are able to catch any disease that can also infect humans. Among the diseases that a marmoset can include chicken pox, measles, cold sores, and can even contract HIV.

This then requires that the animals be given a lot of attention and must be taken to a primate vet in case they fall sick.

Conservation Status of Pygmy Marmoset:pygmy marmoset as pet

The pygmy marmoset monkeys are not considered as endangered species due to their large population in their own habitat and range and have been categorized under the Least Concern species list.

Some questions regarding pygmy marmoset:

How much is a pygmy marmoset?

These cute 3-ounce baby pygmy marmoset are costly. Depending on where you purchase, you are going to pay between $1,500 and $4,000 for the animal alone (expenses not included).

Can I have a pygmy marmoset as a pet?

A few Considerations. Regardless of the possibility that your state enables you to keep a pocket monkey as a pet, you might need to reconsider. Small marmosets can get aggressive, if they are not allowed to flourish as they want.

How small is a pygmy marmoset?

The pygmy marmoset is a small New World monkey native to rain forests of the western Amazon Basin in South America. One of the smallest primates in the world at just over 100 grams (3.5 oz) (Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur is smaller). (Source:Wikipedia)

How tall is a pygmy marmoset?

Pygmy marmosets are the smallest monkeys in the world, weighing a mere 119 g (4.20 oz) on average and measuring, on average, 136 mm (5.35 in) (Soini 1988; Rowe 1996). Males and females are very similar in size, though females are slightly heavier (Soini 1988) (Source:Wikipedia)

So this is all the things you might need to know before having Pygmy marmoset as Pet! They are cute, adorable but also they need all the things that are mentioned above.

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